From The Past: Ladakh Bullet Trip

This day, 13th of July in 2008, a good 6 years ago, we were all gearing up for “THE” start!

It was going to be a “India Gate” start.

In YHAI, New Delhi, all ten bikes were getting saddled.

The Black Stallion taken out for a final test ride!

The formation in front of the India Gate!

The caption for the trip:           Ten Men, Ten Bullets, 18 Days, 2700Kms.

Ladakh Biking Expeditiion

Ladakh Biking Expeditiion

The Trip and the Team Tee Shirt:

The Bulletpunters Tee Shirt

The Bulletpunters Tee Shirt.

The route map ( tracked using Nokia 6110 Navigator):


View Ladakh Biking Expedition 2008 in a larger map

The Trailer:

Saturday Morning: Bullet Ride

I got the Bullet Electra serviced the previous Friday evening and was raring to go out. The coming weekend was the planned day. As I woke up the morning next, I could not wait,  Saturday, the 28th of June 2014 it would be then . I fired up the Google Maps Engine and prepared the map of the route I was going to take. Me and Jyothi headed to Adigas 8th Block for breakfast. After breakfast, Jyothi headed for work and I headed south on Kanakapura Road. The picture below shows the planned route and the executed route overlayed, again using the Google Maps Engine.

It was an awesome ride, the weather  was mostly overcast, a little wind and occasional sunshine – just perfect for the ride.  One strange thing I noticed was the number of butterflies on the move. It is that season, just after a couple of rains, the butterflies migrate. At times, the flying butterflies were a problem because it hit the visor of my helmet. It is very difficult to avoid the hit without losing your concentration on the road.  It is a beautiful sight though, I must confess. Most of the ride was on the country roads, entertaining you with beautiful sceneries on either side. Some pictures from the ride below.

All pictures shot on my Samsung Galaxy S II  with lots of dust on the sensor, as can be obviously seen in the pictures. Please bear with the same.

Collage - Bullet Ride

Collage – Bullet Ride


GPS Route

GPS Route – Planned and Executed


Route Stats

Route Stats


Finally a panorama of the scenery around with the ride!

Bullet Panorama

Bullet Panorama


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