Sizzlers And Mango

Recently, Tangerine was celebrating their International Sizzler Festival and I happened to visit the restaurant. I had already ordered my favorite in Tangerine – Veg Shashlik with pepper sauce without even bothering to look at the menu. Then the waiter happened to mention to me about the Sizzler festival and special creations on the day. I chanced upon the Jamaican Sizzler With Mango Salsa. It looked interesting and it had Mango.

I never miss a chance when it comes to mangoes – truly the king of the fruits. Here, this is how it is presented on the table. A fresh brewed Lemon Iced Tea nicely compliments the sizzlers there.

Thoroughly enjoyed the late afternoon lunch that day.

Tangerine | Sizzlers

Tangerine | Sizzlers

King of the season!

It is summer time, that time of the year when we used to finish up the exams and the summer holidays would start – cricket, lagori, hide-n-seek, rental-VCR movies, Lego and many more.

It is also marked by one more important event – the arrival of “King Of The Fruits”, yes, Mangoes. I have distinct memories of yester years where we would come back after a long day’s play and finish up dinner and wait for dad to cut mangoes and distribute.

What a feeling it was!

This season the crop is not that good. April showers which were not too great this time, also define the crop quality and quantity. Usually there will be a lengthy period of time where we would get Raspuris, followed by others like – Badami, Alphonso, Sakkre-maavu, Malgova etc.

This time the Raspuris were there only for a short period of time, the Badamis are already available and so are the Malgovas.

But not the time to complain. The Badami is waiting to be devoured and enjoyed.

King Of Fruits

King Of Fruits

Tip: Eat like how a kid does. Don’t bother about the stains, the face getting smudged with mangoes, clear the seed and lick it clean. Mangoes are best if you eat it this way!:)