Black Box In Aircrafts

We all know about the black box in aircrafts. Its been there for many years and little have changed about how it works. Whatever that has changed is only how you store the data, and what data is stored. Little has changed on how the black box is handled in times of crises – like a crash, emergency landing on water etc etc.

We all know that Navy aircrafts use the ejectable black boxes. The same should be implemented in commercial aircrafts too.

Most of the times, during emergency, accidents pilots look for a water body to land/crash land the aircraft. The blackbox should be implemented in such a way that when it comes in contact with water (for let’s say more than an hour), there should be mechanism built into the blackbox to non-destructively explode and cucoon itself inside a floatable, pressure proof, balloon, brightly colored and float on water as buoys. That way it is easier to retrieve the blackbox in a much quicker time than what is done today.
Just a thought…….

Crowd Searching

Crowd Searching:
We all know about the recent Malaysian Airlines #MH376 flight which has been missing.Even after 5 days, not much have surfaced – debris, floating remains, oil slicks etc. The area involved is huge. For comparison, it is like finding a pebble in a football field as someone pointed out.

In such situations, we should make use of all the technology we have at our disposal. One such thing is the “crowd searching” (may not be the right term) – deploy satellites with high resolution imaging capabilities and gather as many images as possible from the probable region and make it available in public domain server. Volunteers (general public) can then be asked to identify any unusual patterns which might be the crash site, debris etc. Internet can be used to reach out to huge number of people. Maximum number of clicks for a particular image might mean something (statistics rarely lie).

Then when we have the probable areas we can target a narrower region with as many vessels. The process might be quicker.

Just a thought.

This idea is not new, have been used from a long time to convert illegible texts and numbers into meaningful texts. Why can’t it be used for a search and rescue, might save some lives if we act quicker.