From The Past: Ladakh Bullet Trip

This day, 13th of July in 2008, a good 6 years ago, we were all gearing up for “THE” start!

It was going to be a “India Gate” start.

In YHAI, New Delhi, all ten bikes were getting saddled.

The Black Stallion taken out for a final test ride!

The formation in front of the India Gate!

The caption for the trip:           Ten Men, Ten Bullets, 18 Days, 2700Kms.

Ladakh Biking Expeditiion

Ladakh Biking Expeditiion

The Trip and the Team Tee Shirt:

The Bulletpunters Tee Shirt

The Bulletpunters Tee Shirt.

The route map ( tracked using Nokia 6110 Navigator):


View Ladakh Biking Expedition 2008 in a larger map

The Trailer:

Tea Starter

I usually kick start my day at work with a cup of tea. Without that, somehow  it doesn’t feel the same. Today was one of the days where I felt that way. Here is to the cuppa!

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